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To whom it may concern,

I have complaints with the SCKOON Organic in the U.S located at 17B Shinnecock Road

Hampton Bays, New York 11946 USA . Their website is and they are selling ll baby organic clothing and women's menstrual pads. I used to one of their wholesaler.

I believed their products are made from 100% organic cotton without use of any chemicals and chlorine bleach.

But so far, many of my customers who purchased their products (panties, pads ect.) from me have complained and claimed for refund. Some of them are going to take me to the court for the fraud.

As they said, that the words, "100% organic cotton" on your website is a deception.

Their products turned out to be not 100% organic cotton by close examination in the Korea. There are too much artificial chemicals and fluorescent materials which will incur cancer and something lots of bad things.

I am going to out of business now. I surely ask for a test or investigation of their all products under the control of the US government agency. This action is good for me as well as US citizen too. How could they doing a business selling fake articles in your country?

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.

Sincerely yours,

GB Huland Inc,

Gihon Bek

Review about: Sckoon Organic Products.



Regarding your illegal behaviors, bad quality and fake 100% organic products,

Refund $679.70 dated on March 11, 2009 and $ $627.20 dated on Aug 18, 2009 right away.

I can't stand anymore. I can't sell your products anymore. All products are returnning from my customers.

I don't like to do business with your company because of your unethical conduct which are illegal charge without credit card owner approval, bad quality products, and illegal change of order quantites ect.


You lier.You tell a plausible lie.

Pick any your products(Including Panties and Pads)and test it.

100% organic cotton?

You´re kidding me.I tested it already.


Mr.Gihon Bek was very upset when Sckoon refused his unethical request of issueing a fake invoice to avoid import tax, and he started bad-mouthing about Sckoon. Our organic cotton certification by Demeter is posted at


The sckoon organic are making story to hide their faults. Please do not sell

fake or inferior goods. And remove the 100% organic cotton on your website now.

Anyone who doubt my message and my truth, buy a piece of junk from them, test if the goods are 100% organic or not.


Sckoon Organics products are made with 100% organic cotton and certified by the the certification board.Mr.

Gihon Bek has no substance to this claim.He asked Sckoon to issue a fake invoic for his order so that he can avoid import tax, and when things don't go his way, he gets angry and started blaming Sckoon.

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